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Cornerstone offer significant experience in structural and atmospheric moisture mechanics. A demonstrable 5000 plus independent expert surveys for reported damp, condensation and mould demonstrated 91% of all properties surveyed were dry and hence were experiencing atmospheric management related issues.

When attending to issues, they demonstrate clear independence in their assessments. Detailed reports are provided that uphold the root causes being due to a host of issues and not a single problem; this corresponds with a prioritisation to understanding damp, condensation and mould are ‘symptoms’ of a problem. Their operations withhold a commitment to educate clients and occupants alongside providing solutions to the issue.

Through providing transparent reporting as a constant, root cause analysis is delivered based on data acquired at the time of a survey but also embraces historical elements plus the structural geographical location and orientation since these aspects can also play a part.

With the majority of surveyed properties demonstrating an atmospheric related issue, in the absence of blame we are able to construct a report with open findings and recommendations based upon a host of inputs. In addition, Cornerstone recognise the use of moisture meters is a qualifiable process hence, it requires support media be it visual or indeed quantifiable to rubber-stamp the findings.

Looking ahead, Cornerstone will be sharing their respected knowledge and ultimate guidance with a new proactive Healthy Home Application for persons seeking assistance with damp, condensation and mould in their homes and workplaces.